Have you ever searched “McDonald’s delivery near me” on the internet? If you do, you will find the nearest McDonald’s restaurant based on your location.

McDonald’s restaurants are found in many countries worldwide because McDonald’s is well known in the fast-food category.

How many ways to order McDonald’s delivery?

Mainly, there are two ways to order from McDonald’s: one is to order through the McDonald’s app, and the second is through third-party delivery platforms; all platform info is below.

Mcdonald’s third-party delivery platforms

McDonald’s Delivery Deliveroo

Just Eat McDonald’s Delivery [UK]

McDonald’s Delivery App

Uber Eats McDonald’s Delivery [UK]

how to order through the mcdonald’s app

The McDonald’s app is the easiest way to order delivery in the UK and offers great deals and rewards.

  1. First, download and install the McDonald’s app through the Play Store.
  2. Now, sign in your McDonalds account. If you do not have a McDonald’s account, you can create one for free.
  3. Select the McDonald’s Delivery option. This option will show you a list of restaurants in your area.
  4. Now, you can enter your delivery address; after you write the address, the app automatically checks whether the address for McDonald’s delivery is available.
  5. If your address is verified by the app, then you can check and browse the menu and add your items to your cart, whatever you like.
  6. After adding the items, you can review your order and proceed to checkout. You can choose to pay with whatever you like.
  7. Now, enter your delivery instructions. (Not mandatory, if any special instructions related to your delivery)
  8. Now, one more time to check your order, and if you are happy with everything, tap the “Place Order” button.
  9. At last, you can track your order in the app. If you know how your order is performing until it arrives. Your order should arrive within 30 minutes.
  10. Enjoy your meal.

McDonald’s McDelivery

As Always, Delivery depends on the restaurant’s location. The first order gets 20% off minus the delivery cost. [But If your order does not get first, then you will pay approx £3.99]

McDonald’s delivery through Deliveroo

Deliveroo is a British online food delivery company founded by Greg Orlowski and Will Shu in 2013 in London, UK.

It is one of the largest food delivery companies in the world.

It has a strong brand and is well-known for its fast and reliable delivery service.

If you want to order through Deliveroo, you can order in two ways: a website and the Deliveroo application.

deliveroo delivery charges uK

  • For Small orders (When your cart value is below £12.00), you can pay at least £2.00 extra for “Small Order Fee”.
  • £0.99 is a “Service Fee” on Deliveroo app.
  • In Deliveroo, £1.49 is Delivery fee for each order.

[Note: The “Delivery Fee” is based on different factors including distance.]

[Note: For “Small Order Fee”, Your order is below the £12.00 minimum for this partner.]

[Note: For “Service Fee”, this fee is 10% of your basket before promotions or discounts are applied. It has a minimum of £0.99 and is capped at £2.49.]

free McDonald’s delivery on Deliveroo

If your cart value is above  £20.00 then your “Delivery Fee” and “Small Order Fee” are removed by Deliveroo but the “Service Fee” is mandatory to pay for every order.

just eat mcdonalds delivery?

Just Eat is a British online food ordering and delivery service. 

It was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in London, UK.

It is the largest online food ordering company in the United Kingdom.

Just Eat Delivery Charges

If you order on Just Eat, you can pay the service charge of 10%, with a minimum charge of 99p and a maximum of £1.99.

[Note: Your service charge is not refundable and applies to card and cash orders.]

Uber Eats Delivery Information

  • For Small Orders (When your card value is below £10.00), you can pay at least £0.99 extra for “Small Order Fee”.
  • £1.09 is a “Service Fee” on the Uber Eats Application.
  • In Uber Eats, £1.79 is the “Delivery Fee” on each order.

[Note: For “Service Fee”, this fee varies based on factors like basket size and helps cover costs related to your order.]


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