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Flahavans Quick Oats

Can you ever try a super tasty and quick breakfast in the morning?

If not, I would suggest Flahavans Quick Oats.

This meal is made with Wholegrain Rolled OATS and Semi-Skimmed Milk.

Wholegrain Rolled oats have been loved for generations.

Flahavan’s Quick Oats is a healthy and yummy meal in the United Kingdom’s McDonald’s Breakfast Menu.

Each Flahavan’s Quick Oats bite is rich in carbs, protein and fibre.

People in the UK can not get Flahavan’s porridge oats at McDonald’s.

You can only find them in Northern Irish McDonald’s branches.

[*Note: Available in Northern Ireland restaurants only]

McDonald’s Flahavan’s Quick Oats UK

Item’s NameItem’s Price
Flahavan’s Quick Oats Price in the UK£1.99*

*Note: The price mentioned here may vary depending on the location of the McDonald’s Restaurant in the United Kingdom. We have shown the average value of this meal.

flahavan’s quick oats ingredients 2024

  • Porridge Oats – Flahavans (100% Wholegrain Rolled OATS)
  • Semi Skimmed Milk

calories of Flahavan’s Quick Oats 2024

Calories in kcalCalories in kj

Calories Maintained in the UK: An Average of 2200 kcal (8700 KJ) is Needed for Weight Maintenance.

flahavan’s quick oats nutrition facts

*Flahavan’s Quick Oats nutrition information is given below

Nutritional ListPortion
Fat4.3 gram
Protein9.0 gram
Carbs28 gram
Fibre2.5 gram
Salt0.26 gram
Saturated Fat2.0 gram
Sugar8.8 gram

allergic food in flahavan’s quick oats

Allergens Contains in Flahavan’s Quick Oats

  • Oats
  • Milk

May some allergens contained in Flahavan’s Quick oats

  • Wheat
  • RYE
  • Barley


Is Flahavan’s oats steel cut?

Are Flahavan’s quick oats gluten-free?

Yes, Flahavan’s Quick Oats are naturally gluten-free.

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