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McDonald's Balsamic Dressing UK

McDonald’s Balsamic Dressing price is from £0.39 to £0.79 in the United Kingdom.

Prices vary to McDonalds restaurant locations in the United Kingdom.

McDonald’s Balsamic Dressing is like a tasty sauce they give you for salads or other meal stuff.

It is made with Balsamic Vinegar-24%, Muscovado Sugar, Rapeseed Oil, Cornstarch, Salt, Garlic Puree, Black Pepper etc.

I liked this sauce very much.

McDonald’s also offers Rich Tomato Dip and Smoky BBQ Dip, which is very good to the taste.

mcDonald’s balsamic dressing costs (30g)

Item’s NameItem’s Price
McD’s Balsamic Dressing Cost£0.39 to £0.79

*Note: The price mentioned here may vary depending on the location of the McDonald’s Restaurant in the United Kingdom. We have shown the average value of this meal.

mcDonald’s balsamic dressing ingredients (30g)

  • Balsamic Dressing (Contain: Balsamic Vinegar – 24%, Water, Sugar, Cornstarch, Rapeseed Oil, Treacle Salt, Garlic Puree Etc)

mcDonald’s balsamic dressing calories (30g)

Calories in kcalCalories in kj

Calories Maintained in the UK: An Average of 2200 kcal (8700 KJ) is Needed for Weight Maintenance.

mcDonald’s balsamic dressing nutrition (30g)

Nutritional ValuePer Portion
Carbs4.0 gram
Fibre0.3 gram
Protein0.0 gram
Saturated Fat0.1 gram
Sugar2.5 gram
Salt0.44 gram
Fat0.7 gram

mcDonald’s balsamic dressing allergens (30g)

Allergens contained in McDonald’s Balsamic Dressing:

  • No allergens are contained in McDonald’s Balsamic Dressing in the UK.

May Some Allergens Traces in McDonald’s Balsamic Dressing:

  • No allergen traces were found in McDonald’s Balsamic Dressing in the UK.

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