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McDonald's Banana Milkshake UK

Are you searching for McDonald’s Banana Milkshake prices in the UK on the internet?

This article discussed the McD Banana Milkshake’s calories, prices, and ingredients with allergens information.

The McD Banana Milkshake takes centre stage on the Menu in the United Kingdom.

This is a delightful drink, offering a unique sweetness and flavour of banana.

This milkshake is made using a fresh and rich banana flavour milkshake syrup with a milkshake base, ensuring a thick and satisfying with every sip.

If you are new to McDonald’s, the banana milkshake is a special treat that adds a lot of sweetness to your fast food experience.

mcdonald’s banana milkshake costs

Item’s NameItem’s Prices
McDonald’s large banana milkshake price£2.30 to £2.51
Medium banana milkshake McDonald’s price£1.96 to £2.10
Small banana milkshake mcdonalds price£1.77 to £2.10

*Note: The price mentioned here may vary depending on the location of the McDonald’s Restaurant in the United Kingdom. We have shown the average value of this meal.

mcDonald’s banana milkshake ingredients

  • Banana Flavour Milkshake Syrup
  • Milkshake Base

If you can’t find a banana milkshake at Mcdonald’s UK you will make this shake at home very easily.

Get what you need to make a tasty shake at home: Cream, Sugar, Fresh Organic Milk, Banana Syrup and Ice Cube to make this milkshake cold.

mcDonald’s banana milkshake calories UK

mcdonald’s large banana milkshake calories:

Calories in kcalCalories in kj

mcdonald’s medium banana milkshake calories:

Calories in kcalCalories in kj

mcdonald’s small banana milkshake calories:

Calories in kcalCalories in kj

Calories Maintained in the UK: An Average of 2200 kcal (8700 KJ) is Needed for Weight Maintenance.

mcDonald’s banana milkshake nutrition

banana milkshake nutritional value (small):

Nutritional ValuePer Portion
Sugar30 gram
Carbs33 gram
Saturated Fat2.6 gram
Fat3.7 gram
Protein5.5 gram
Fibre0.7 gram
Salt0.20 gram

medium banana milkshake nutrition:

Nutritional ValuePer Portion
Salt0.39 gram
Saturated Fat4.9 gram
Fibre1.3 gram
Sugar58 gram
Protein11 gram
Carbs62 gram
Fat7.0 gram

large banana milkshake nutrition:

Nutritional ListPer Portion
Fat9.0 gram
Saturated Fat6.3 gram
Carbs80 gram
Sugar74 gram
Protein13 gram
Fibre1.7 gram
Salt0.50 gram

banana milkshake allergens

allergens contained in a banana milkshake:

  • Milk

may some traces in a banana milkshake:

  • There are no allergens traces in a banana milkshake.

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