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McDonald's Cappuccino UK
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McDonald’s Cappuccino Prices depend on their sizes.

The price list is given below in table form.

McDonald’s Cappuccino is a coffee-based drink that is available at most McDonald’s restaurants in the United Kingdom.

It is made with organic fresh milk, chocolate powder and coffee (100% roasted coffee beans and water).

The Cappucino is available in two sizes: 1. Regular and 2. Large (Both size prices are given below)

It has a strong coffee flavour with a bit of smoothness.

mcDonald’s cappuccino Price

Item’s NameItem’s Prices
McDonald’s regular cappuccino price£2.27 to £2.33
McDonald’s large cappuccino price UK£2.86 to £2.92

*Note: The price mentioned here may vary depending on the location of the McDonald’s Restaurant in the United Kingdom. We have shown the average value of this meal.

cappuccino ingredients

  • Milk
  • Chocolate Powder
  • Coffee

cappuccino Calories

Regular cappuccino calories:

Calories in kcalCalories in kj

Large cappuccino calories:

Calories in kjCalories in kcal

Calories Maintained in the UK: An Average of 2200 kcal (8700 KJ) is Needed for Weight Maintenance.

cappuccino nutrition facts

regular cappuccino nutrition:

Nutritional ValuePer Portion
Sugar9.9 gram
Salt0.20 gram
Carbs10 gram
Protein6.6 gram
Fat3.3 gram
Saturated Fat2.0 gram
Fibre0.2 gram

large cappuccino nutrition:

Nutritional ValuePer Portion
Carbs13 gram
Protein8.8 gram
Fibre0.2 gram
Salt0.27 gram
Sugar13 gram
Fat4.4 gram
Saturated Fat2.7 gram

mcDonald’s cappuccino allergens

Allergens contained in McDonald’s Cappuccino:

  • Milk

May some traces in McDonald’s Cappuccino:

  • Milk

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