Are you searching for McDonald’s McFlurry Menu price in the United Kingdom?

In the United Kingdom, McDonald’s has a McFlurry menu with tasty flavours.

McFlurry is a delicious dessert with ice cream, and you can add yummy toppings like chocolates.

Some favorites are Oreo and Smarties McFluries.

It is a sweet treat you can enjoy after your McDonald’s meal in the UK.

Just look below the McDonald’s McFlurry menu to see what choices they have.

McDonald’s McFlurry Menu UK

mcdonald's galaxy caramel mcflurry UK
£1.82 to £1.95* / 183* kcal

McDonald’s Galaxy Caramel McFlurry UK

Galaxy Chocolate McFlurry UK
£2.37 to £2.48 / 359 kcal

McD’s Galaxy Chocolate McFlurry UK

McDonalds Maltesers McFlurry UK
£1.45 to £1.60 / 133 kcal

McD’s Maltesers McFlurry UK

McD Oreo McFlurry UK
£1.85 to £1.95 / 258 kcal

McDonald’s Oreo McFlurry UK