M&M Halloween McFlurry Mini McDonald’s | Prices & Calories

M&M Halloween McFlurry Mini at McDonald's
Source: mcdonalds.com

M&M Halloween McFlurry Mini is a special offer from McDonald’s.

McDonald’s needs soft dairy ice cream to make this meal, and they put Galaxy chocolate sauce on top.

McDonald’s needs only 3 ingredients to make this meal. It is sweet because of the ice cream, which kids like.

All the ingredient information is given below.

M&M Halloween mcFlurry mini mcDonald’s price UK

Item’s NameItem’s Price
McD’s M&M Halloween McFlurry mini price UK£1.45 to £1.55

*Note: The price mentioned here may vary depending on the location of the McDonald’s Restaurant in the United Kingdom. We have shown the average value of this meal.

M&M Halloween mcflurry mini ingredients UK

  • Milk Chocolate Sauce
  • M&M Halloween Mix
  • Ice Cream

M&M Halloween mcflurry mini calories UK

Calories in kcalCalorieCalories in kj

Calories Maintained in the UK: An Average of 2200 kcal (8700 KJ) is Needed for Weight Maintenance.

M&M Halloween mcflurry mini nutritional Value List UK

Nutritional ListPortion
Fat6.4 gram
Protein2.9 gram
Fat6.4 gram
Salt0.11 gram
Carbs26 gram
Sugar24 gram
Saturated Fat4.2 gram

allergens contain M&M Halloween McFlurry Mini

allergens contained in food:

  • Milk
  • Skimmed Milk
  • Whey Powder Milk
  • Soya Lecithin

Some traces of allergens contain:

  • Oats
  • Soya
  • Wheat
  • Barley

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