McPlant Burger Meal | Calories & Nutrition | McDonald’s menu 2024

Mcplant Burger Meal UK.

McPlant Burger Meal Price is from £4.95 to £5.05 in the United Kingdom.

Price varies to a location in the United Kingdom.

There are options for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian people.

Those who do not like meat can enjoy a burger with a delicious sauce.

Having a burger with sauces improved the overall experience.

Many people prefer plant-based meat, which contains fewer calories.

McDonald’s McPlant Burger is part of the vegan menu and vegetarian menu in the UK.

If you enjoy this burger, you can also try the Vegetables Deluxe Burger at McDonald’s.

mcDonald’s mcPlant price UK

Item’s NameItem’s Price
McDonald’s McPlant Price UK 2024£4.95 to £5.05
McPlant Medium Meal Cost UK £6.65 to  £6.75
McPlant Large Meal Price UK £7.35 to  £7.45

*Note: The price mentioned here may vary depending on the location of the McDonald’s Restaurant in the United Kingdom. We have shown the average value of this meal.

Mcplant Ingredients UK

Ingredients NameMcplant KJMcplant kcal
Lettuce (Iceberg)133
Sesame Bun695164
Pickle Slice20
Vegan Sandwich Sauce14936
Tomato Slice143
Vegan Cheese Alternative16339
Tomato Ketchup8119
Plant-Based Burger668160

McDonald’s McPlant Calories

Mcplant KJMcplant kcalMcplant Calorie

Calories Maintained in the UK: An Average of 2200 kcal (8700 KJ) is Needed for Weight Maintenance.

McDonalds Mcplant Nutrition

Nutrition MenuIn Gram
Saturated Fat6.6 gram
Fat20 gram
Salt2.2 gram
Sugars10 gram
Carbs40 gram
Fibre4.6 gram
Protein19 gram
Mcplant Burger Nutritional Facts Information
Mcplant Burger Nutritional Facts Information

McDonald’s Mcplant Allergens

Allergens Contain in Mcplant:

  • Sesame (Seed)
  • Mustard (Seed 14%)
  • Wheat (Flour) (Contain Iron, Thiamin, Calcium Carbonate, Niacin)

Allergens Contain Traces in Mcplant:

  • Milk
  • Barley
  • RYE


Is Mcdonalds Mcplant Gluten Free?

No, McDonalds McPlant is not gluten-free burger. The sesame seed bun contains gluten.

Is Mcdonalds Mcplant Halal UK?

No, McDonald McPlant is not Halal in the UK. It is cooked by the same equipment as another menu.

Is Mcdonalds Mcplant Vegan?

Yes, the McDonald’s McPlant is vegan. It is made with a plant-based patty, lettuce and some other ingredients.

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